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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start mining with The Grin Pool?

Full details are provided here.

Can I mine with AMD or Nvidia GPUs?

You are able to mine with both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs as long as the miner supports the GPU.
We recommend AMD RX580 8GB or NVIDIA 1060 6GB or higher models. For a full list of GPUs supported by minerbabe, see here.

Do all miners work with both AMD and NVIDIA GPU(s)?

No. For AMD, we recommend using GrinPro or Grin-Miner. For NVIDIA, we recommend using BMiner.

What miner works best for my NVIDIA GPU?

For NVIDIA we tested multiple miners and BMiner has been most stable and highest graphs per second (gps) for mining GRIN. We are currently using the latest BMiner for our systems.

Can Grin be mined with 4GB cards?

To mine Grin with 4GB cards, you will need to use Minerbabe OS.

How long does it take for my miner to display on the pool?

Hash rates are displayed as soon as your miner submits a share to the pool. The longer you mine, the more accurate your displayed hash rate will be.

My rig is reporting higher hashrate than the pool, which one is most reliable?

You will see fluctuation in your hashrate reported to the pool due to the difficulty of the pool, shares validation, and other factors. For the most reliable reporting, you should look at the average hashrate you get from our pool.

Do you support worker names?

Yes. Follow our How-To guide when setting up your Grin miner to add worker names.

My miner is not displaying on the pool, what do I do?

Make sure to read all instructions on our How To Start page. If you are still experiencing issues you can contact us at and we will respond as soon as possible.

I’ve been mining for a few hours but my earnings has not changed, still showing 0 earnings, is something wrong?

Your earnings are updated every time the pool finds a block. Block found time is depending on luck and overall pool hashrate. Over time your will earning will be more on because of our low fee and luck even out.

How do I receive a payment to my wallet?

Currently, payments are sent on-demand via email. You need to enter the payout password you received at the start of mining on your account page. To view your account page, type in your email in the search bar at the top of the page.
Once your pending balance is greater than the minimum payout, you are able to receive an email payout. For full details, click here

I’ve been mining for hours, no rewards received. Is something wrong?

We use PPLNS reward system. As soon as a new block is found, you will get your reward as long as you continue mining. With PPLNS, miners work as a collective to find blocks and when a block is found, the reward is split based on each miners hashrate. Depending on the coin and current difficulty, it may take some time to find blocks. Please be patient or select a coin with lower difficulty and auto-convert your earnings into ETH or BTC with our Auto-Conversion feature.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout for is 0.5 GRIN

I just received a payout way below the threshold I set, why?

We are not a crypto wallet service. At the end of every month, we auto-withdraw all funds to miners set address. It is recommended to withdraw consistently in order to manage and have full control of your own funds.

What is the auto-conversion feature?

The auto-conversion feature allows miners to mine the coin of their choice, and receive payouts in BTC or ETH.

How do I mine with Nicehash?

Use port 4848 to mine with nicehash. Full details are provided on How to Start Mining page .

Have Unanswered Questions?

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